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An Australian sea Captain, a French artist's family and the Slovak ancestors of several Americans are some of the latest requests that we've had for research.

Each one is a fascinating story that spans local and world events. Let us do the research for you, it's not as expensive as you might think and you might discover something you weren't expecting!

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  • How to Search United States Passport Records Sun, 09 Aug 2020 15:00:30 +0000
    Have you ever wondered if your ancestors traveled? If they did, they may have applied for a passport. A passport was not mandatory in the United States for travel outside the country until 1941, except for in short periods during the Civil War and World War I. However, if your ancestor did apply for a... Continue Reading →
  • Reclaiming Our African Roots Thu, 06 Aug 2020 16:00:00 +0000
    This page serves as a resource and update center for the many projects and partnerships coming in support of R.O.A.R. Check back here frequently! What Is “Reclaiming Our African Roots”? The year 2019 marked the 400th anniversary of the landing of the first documented Africans in English North America. In support of this milestone in... Continue Reading →
  • Monthly Record Update for July 2020 Sun, 02 Aug 2020 20:00:00 +0000
    FamilySearch expanded its free online archives in June of 2020 with over 16.5 million new indexed family history records from all over the world. New historical records were added from American Samoa, Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, Chile, Ecuador, England, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Honduras, Luxembourg, Mexico, Micronesia, Netherlands, Niue, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico,... Continue Reading →
  • Finding Your French Ancestors Fri, 31 Jul 2020 23:00:00 +0000
    Do you have French ancestry and wonder where to start learning more about them? As you learn about your ancestors, take some time to learn about the country and the records that you can access to discover more about them. You’ll learn that a wealth of information and records are available to help you! France... Continue Reading →
  • Quarantine Diary Prompts—How to Journal about the Historic Events of 2020 Thu, 30 Jul 2020 20:58:27 +0000
    We are living in historic times. Are you recording your experiences? Not only can journaling help you cope better with day-to-day life, but one day your family will be interested in knowing what it was like to live through the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. If you haven’t already begun a COVID diary detailing your thoughts... Continue Reading →
  • All About Armenian Culture Fri, 24 Jul 2020 22:00:00 +0000
    Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. Its capital city, Yerevan, dates to about 600 BC. Ancient Armenia encompassed the Armenian Highlands, an enormous historical region shared today with Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. Modern-day Armenia is much smaller, but it still occupies a key position where Europe, Asia and the Middle... Continue Reading →
  • 1950s Fashions: Mid-Century Clothing Styles Thu, 23 Jul 2020 22:00:29 +0000
    Poodle skirts and ponytails, jeans and slick-backed hair—that’s what many people consider iconic 1950s fashions. These looks were popular for teens, but what did everyone else wear? Style in the 1950s offered both men and women a new range of options. The people in your mid-century family photos may have worn lots of styles, but... Continue Reading →
  • Amazing Armenian Foods You’ve Never Tried Thu, 23 Jul 2020 22:00:00 +0000
    Levon Avdoyan grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, on what he thought was traditional Armenian food. In 1972, he moved to Soviet Armenia to study for a Ph.D. He said, “It was then I realized that Armenian food in the Caucasus was different from Armenian cuisine in historical Armenia.” Avdoyan’s ancestors came from Kharpert in... Continue Reading →
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  • Plus Edition Newsletter Has Been Sent Mon, 10 Aug 2020 17:44:22 +0000
    To all Plus Edition subscribers: A notice of the latest EOGN Plus Edition newsletter was sent to you a few minutes ago. The latest Plus Edition newsletter is available at: The following articles are listed in this week’s Plus Edition email: (+) A Lesson to be Learned From One Library’s Conversion to a Digital […]
  • (+) A Lesson to be Learned From One Library’s Conversion to a Digital Library Mon, 10 Aug 2020 15:24:54 +0000
    The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman.  One prestigious coeducational college preparatory boarding school recently made a radical change to its library. With 145 years of academic excellence, one would expect the school to be steeped in tradition. However, a visitor to the campus might be surprised to […]
  • Should You Remove Your Data Now From Mon, 10 Aug 2020 14:15:23 +0000
    Blackstone Inc. is purchasing (See my earlier articles at and at for the details of the announcement.) As you might expect, the announcement has generated a lot of questions amongst genealogists asking questions about the future of the company and how the services might change. Many of those questions concern the privacy […]
  • The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) Adds a Significant Sephardic Collection to its Database Mon, 10 Aug 2020 07:00:46 +0000
    The following announcement was written by the Israel Genealogy Research Association: Jerusalem, Israel & Virginia, USA, August 09, 2020 – The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) is proud to collaborate with SephardicGen and announces today The Jeff Malka SephardicGen Database Collection a Sephardic collection commemorating Jeff Malka, Mathilde Tagger and SephardicGen. We are grateful to Jeffrey […]
  • Follow-up Concerning DNA Information and’s Sale to Blackstone in a $4.7 Billion Deal Fri, 07 Aug 2020 14:18:42 +0000
    I published an article 2 days ago (at containing an announcement that and all its subsidiaries are to be sold to the Blackstone Group Inc. for $4.7 billion (US) including debt. The announcement was brief and contained very few details. As you might expect, the announcement has generated a lot of questions amongst […]
  • The American Society of Genealogists’ Scholar Award Fri, 07 Aug 2020 14:17:38 +0000
    The following announcement was written by the American Society of Genealogists: Established in 1996, the ASG Scholar Award is an annual scholarship, now $2,000, toward tuition and expenses at one of six major academic genealogical programs in the United States. Candidacy for the award is open to all genealogists, genealogical librarians, and researchers working in related fields. […]
  • Hounslow Lloyd George Domesday Records Added to TheGenealogist’s Map Explorer™ Fri, 07 Aug 2020 14:16:14 +0000
    The following announcement was written by TheGenealogist: TheGenealogist has just released the records of over 33,000 individuals for the Hounslow area into its property ownership and occupancy record set: The Lloyd George Domesday Survey. This is a unique online resource that includes maps and field books and gives researchers the ability to discover where an […]
  • Findmypast Friday: New UK Parish Records and Newspapers Available to Search Fri, 07 Aug 2020 14:15:02 +0000
    The following announcement was written by Findmypast: The largest online collection of UK parish registers continues to grow with 50,000 new additions from the south-eastern county of Hampshire. This week’s Findmypast Firday update also includes and whole host of new newspapers, with over 100,000 colour pages spanning the years 1926 to 1983 added to Britain’s […]
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